A blog about the people of Cap d'Antibes

About – I Love Cap d’Antibes

About – I Love Cap d’Antibes

 I Love Cap d’Antibes 

— a blog about the people who live and work in Cap d’Antibes —

Welcome to I love Cap d’Antibes.

 An exclusive insight into the lives of the people on the Cap. Told through  portraits and interviews with a uniquely diverse group of residents who make the Cap the amazing place it is.

When people think of Cap d’Antibes they think only of wealth but there is so much more to Cap d’Antibes than that.

This blog will show you the real but hidden side of the Cap.

Cap d’Antibes is a very private place but being a local opens up many doors for me which would otherwise be firmly shut.

I am a photographer and have lived in Cap d’Antibes with my partner and daughter since February 2009.

At the beginning of this year I decided to launch this blog all about the Cap.

Not only does it interest me as a resident and as a photographer but  I also discovered that there wasn’t that much information to be found about this amazing place.

Hence I love Cap d’Antibes was born.

If you love photography. If you love travel or just love real stories then you have come to the right place.

Join me in my journey to find out more about who and what makes Cap d’Antibes so special.

If you live in Cap d’Antibes and would like to be featured in the blog please get in touch.


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